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This calculator will give you an estimate of what your monthly payments would be for a particular loan amount, interest rate and mortgage type.

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Your land tax calculation is broken down as follows ...

Price Bracket %
0 - 125,000 0% 0
125,001 - 250,000 2% 0
250,001 - 925,000 5% 0
925,001 - 1,500,000 10% 0
1,500,001 + 12% 0

Stamp Duty Calculator - How much is stamp duty?

Tax is payable when you purchase a property above a certain value. The amounts can be quite significant and you will have to factor this into your budget when considering how much deposit you need to buy a house.

The actual name of the tax and the rates applied depend on where you are buying in the UK, whether you are a first time buyer, and if not how many properties you currently own.

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